GSoC 2014 Update: Raspberry Pi Dashboard - Week 1

This week I was working on the security part of REST api. I have made HTTP auth login option based on Monkey’s auth plugin. I have added the configuration files in which, the access permission are set. Then I have created a mock-up module, and written the code to parse it to JSON.

Besides coding I spent a lot of time thinking how the different parts of code will work together. Another thing that took a lot of time was browsing through DUDA source code, because I found the api documentation is not as good as it could be.

Now I have a working infrastructure for the REST api, with user login and permission configuration.

Next week I will start working on different modules, getting some actual data flowing on the api.

I seem to have done the work that was planned for first two weeks in only one, I guess I am on good track. Had a lot of fun this week, hopefully my success and fun continues :)

Code is on github:

Work by days:

  • 19.5.2014
    • main DUDA callback
    • mk_list of modules
    • calls to unimplemented security functions
  • 20.5.2014
    • module.conf configuration file with options for disabling and user access permissions
    • security function that checks user permissions
    • http auth login based on Monkey’s auth
  • 21.5.2014
    • fixed duda sha1 documentation and session folder problem, submitted pull request
    • fixed http auth login
    • global configuration file
    • started writing documentation in gitbook format
  • 22.5.2014
    • stopped using sessions for login
    • global callback path changed to /api/
    • fixed comparison in modules_find
    • values tree structure and module_init function
  • 23.5.2014
    • parsing values tree structure to json
    • mock-up memory module for testing
    • parsing of request path

Some statistics:

I have made 20 git commits, averaging 4 per day.

My code is now 716 lines of code, averaging 143.2 line per day. That is a line of code every 3.352 minutes of my working time.

I have written 383 lines of documentation, but some of it (for structure of config files) is copied from monkey.


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