Description The circuit uses 555 and 4017 integrated circuits to turn each of the 10 LEDs one after another. The LEDs are placed in a circle to create the effect of spining - just like a light in a lighthouse. The speed can be controlled with a variable resistor. I am selling on tindie:\ Operation Required skills Knowledge of basic electronic components Soldering of THT components Theory LED diodes 555 integrated circuit 4017 IC The kit for building a DIY lighthouse contains following items Main printed circuit board 47k, 10k, 330R resistors 1M variable resistor (trimmer) 100uF, 0,47uF, 100nF capacitors 555, 4017 ICs with sockets 90 degrees header LED pcb 10 white LEDs Battery connector Wire Switch Assembly First you have to solder sockets for both ICs on the main pcb (rectangular, green). Read more →