Bench power supply

I finally managed to finish my first adjustable bench power supply, that I designed a long time ago when I was just beginning in the field of electronics. That is why it is not the best power supply possible, but it will satisfy most of my needs.


  • Preselected commonly used voltages and an option to set voltage accurately with a 10-turn potentiometer
  • Current limit
  • Linear regulator
  • Clear and accurate current and voltage meter display
  • Small dimensions
  • Nice look for a DIY
  • Fast and simple on/off switch for output voltage with a simple button


  • Because it has only one transformer winding with quiet high voltage (30V) and is linearly regulated a lot of power and heat is produced so current is limited to about 1.5A
  • A lot of expensive components used, especially in volt and amper meters - with the use of microcontroller it could have been done a lot cheaper (but this was designed before I mastered those…)

Because of the weaknesses in design and very specific enclosure I will not publish PCBs, but you can get full schematics in pdf: schematics



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